So You Want To Be A MEATSHANK Guitarist...

You must be able to:

  • Play 16th Notes At 200bpm+.

  • Learn Quickly From Many Different Formats...
    Such as Tab, Recordings, Or In Person.

  • Available For Early Morning Practice(Ex. 9am, 10am).

  • Available To Gig On Short Notice If Necessary.

  • Must Have Own Gear And Vehicle

  • Must Be Able To Solo.

    If Still Interested E-mail Us:

    Title It:

    MEATSHANK Guitarist Application


    Contact Information.(ex. email, myspace, phone number)
    Favorite Guitarist And Bands.
    A Little About Yourself and Your Gear.
    Anything Else You Think Would Interest Us.
    (such as: recording of your playing in a band or solo,playing history,etc)